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“There’s been great feedback from staffers AND families about Irish Road Bowling. It is definitely our hope that many participants will embrace this activity as well. Great family oriented exercise that’s fun!”
–Shannon Holland, Executive Director, WV on the Move

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“The road at Camp Virgil Tate just north of Charleston, WV was like any other road on a Friday morning with a little fog slowly rolling out and the road still moist from the dew left there overnight, but today it would see something for the first time. The Irish were coming! Once a year the Charleston Catholic High School takes their incoming class on a day long retreat where the children get to know one another through a myriad of team building events. This year Irish Road Bowling was one of those events. Mrs. Debra Sullivan, Principal, and Mrs. Colleen Hoyer, Assistant Principal for Student Affairs, approached the West Virginia Irish Road Bowling Association with little previous knowledge of the sport and asked if we could be a part of this year’s retreat. The children were separated into 8 groups of 8, the perfect amount for two teams of 4, as they rotated through the different team building stations. Ms. Ashley Shepler, Health and PE, was there to assist each group at the Road Bowling station. At first the children were hesitant of this strange sport. Only one person knew of road bowling prior to this retreat, but the children were very willing to learn. This was a new and strange event for them. After a brief history of the sport and a discussion on safety and rules, they were eager to try it for themselves. They started slow but all of the teams picked up on the concepts fairly quickly. All the teams cheered and encouraged each other. Some took the safe route and yelled ‘bowling’ prior to each bowl, but more enjoyed the traditional Irish battle cry of Faugh a Ballach! The total distance of the course was only ¼ mile, but this was plenty of road to allow each child to fully experience road bowling. Some teams took to the sport more naturally than others allowing them to bowl out and back and to also see how the road can play differently in opposite directions. The scores for the matches were on average 10-13. Some teams were able to complete the course in only 6 throws! It is clear that there are plenty of future road bowlers in West Virginia.”
–Stephen Wallington, WVIRBA volunteer and 2012 WV State Champion, Novice 2

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“You know, Dave, I threw that shot, it went a long way and I took off running after it. Suddenly I realized that that was the first time I had run in 20 years!”
–Hill Marple, age 75, Ireland, WV


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