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North American Region Finals - August 7-9, 2009


Meet and Greet Reception and Dinner, Friday, August 9, 2009

 About 50 people attended the Reception and Dinner at the Bicentennial Inn in Buckhannon, WV. Photos by Judy Mize & Burt Hunter


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World Championship Bowl

Playing-Representatives from the Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Germany and the United States


WK Klootschieten 2010-Dinkelland

The N.K.B. Nederlandse Klootschiet Bonden ran a first class tournament, well-organized with great hotel accommodations and friendly staff. I especially enjoyed walking each day from the car park to the competition past the beautiful countryside adorned with gardens and a large windmill. I have never seen so many bicycles in my life. High praise goes to Cees van der Sluis for his willingness and patience in assisting the All American Team and supporters in making the trip possible to the Netherlands. Judy Mize, Secretary, WVIRBA.


 Where the Bowl Rolls

The images below are not for the faint-hearted, especially those panty-waists who are afeered of getting their precious pinkies down into the sod, muck and mire. As the mighty Cormac O'hEireann said over 800 years ago, "Irish road bowling is no pink tea for molly-coddles!"*
*(English translation)

"Barry of Boston, a brave hearted young soul, One cold March day said, "I'll ne'er lose a bowl!" We warned, "Ne'er gae ye down, in that deep, deep hole!" Alas poor lad, ne'er seen agin was him, In 10 million years, he'll be a lump of coal."