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BIOs - Boston and New York 

updated 07 23 2012 

Boston Road Bowling Club

North American Region

The Boston bowlers are pioneers of Irish Road Bowling in the USA. They play with plenty of skill and heart, and have been great friends and teachers getting the sport started in West Virginia, very generous and encouraging for younger players. They have been to West Virginia many times and make us feel at home in Boston.



Con O’Callaghan

has won two Novice 1 All Ireland Championships, in 1999 and 2003. He is a founding
member of the North American Region Club and was the chairman for many years.
Con also was 2005 All Ireland Junior C Runner Up; 2004 and 2006 North American Junior C
Finalist, and has made many trips to West Virginia to teach and coach players, and so brought The Old Game to West Virginia. Con is representing Boston in Novice 2 at Coopers Rock in 2012.


Roger O'Riordan

won the All Ireland Junior C Championship in 2001. Roger came to West Virginia in 2001 to help get the sport started. Along with Con, Roger's fast throws were a first lesson to WV bowlers. Roger was 2011 All Ireland Junior C Runner Up.

Cian O'Callaghan

is chairman of the Boston Club, and is bringing many new players to the Old Game in 2012. Cian won the 2011 North American Region Novice 3 championship in Boston.

Mike O’Donovan

was a founding member of the North American Bowling Region. Mike is the current Chairman of the club. Mike has been the All Ireland Novice 2 representative twice: in 1998 in Ballyvourney Co. Cork and in Ballywilliam Co. Wexford in 2001.


Chris Finn

has held many positions in the Boston Road Bowling Club. He has helped and participated in every event that was held and is Fixture Chairman in 2009. Chris was the North American Novice 2 representative in the All Irelands in Drogheda Ireland in 1997 and again in 2003.


Brendan Fleming

has won two All Ireland Championships in Novice 2, first in 1998, and Brendan won the most recent All Ireland for North America in 2007. He is well known for his bowling both in Boston and for his record in the All Ireland Championships. Brendan, a native of Butlerstown Barryroe Co. Cork, has lived in Boston since 1964. Brendan is representing the Boston club in Novice 1 in 2012. A fierce competitor, Brendan is a senior statesman in the sport, with an amazing record against younger players.


Brian Sullivan

is Boston's 2009 Novice 2 North American Region representative, and has re-found his passion for the game. Brian bowled long and straight on Wildcat Road in Ireland, WV to win the 2009 North American Region Finals Novice 2 championship.


Mike Fleming

won the Novice 1 All Ireland championship in 1997. Mike won the North American Region Novice 1 on Turkey Run Road in Buckhannon, WV in 2006.

Declan O'Shea

is the 2011 All Ireland Finals Novice 1 Runner Up. He is currently the highest rated bowler in the Boston Club.


John Finn

was Boston’s first American-born bowler to represent the North American club in Ireland at the All Ireland Championships. John represented the club in the Novice 2 grade in 2000 in Drogheda and again in 2002 in Castlebar Co. Mayo.


Barry Curran

started his bowling career in Boston in 1997. In 1999 Barry was Boston’s Novice 2 representative in West Port Co. Mayo, in 2003 he was the Junior C representative in Clogherhead, Drogheda, and in 2005 he was again the Novice 2 representative. Barry won the 2010 North American Novice 2 championship in a never to be forgotten thriller in Cambridge, New York.


Florrie O' Mahoney

is a founder of the North American Region and the winner of its first All Ireland Championship in Junior C in 1996. Florrie was first in a run of four straight Boston All Ireland Champions in 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999, which established the Boston Club as one of the best inside or outside of Ireland. Florrie is representing Boston in Novice 2 at Coopers Rock in 2012.

P.J. Kelly

is a new player representing Boston in Novice 4 at Coopers Rock in 2012.

Cathal Walshe

is a new player representing Boston in Novice 4 at Coopers Rock in 2012.




New York Road Bowling Club 

North American Region
The New York Road Bowling Club came to West Virginia in 2003 and 2006 and always brings skill and excitement to scores in the Mountain State. We were able to join with the top-rated New York throwers in Aughagower, County Mayo, Ireland in September 2008, as part of the North American team, and welcome them to West Virginia any time.
Adrian Lappin currently is the # 1 highest rated bowler in North America at Junior B grade. In the 2008 Junior C All Ireland Championship, Adrian was Runner-Up in a score that came down to only a few yards on the final shot. Adrian won the All Ireland Under 14 Championship and also the All Ireland Junior B Championship in 2000. He was All Ireland Junior C Runner-Up in 2005.  
Fergal Carr won the All Ireland Under 18 Championship in 1998. Fergal is the 2009 North American Region Junior C winner, winning on Wildcat Road, Ireland, WV in the feature match of the weekend. Fergal went on to win the 2009 All Ireland Junior C Final in Drogheda, near Dublin.  
Colm Murphy was the 2006 North American Region Novice 2 Champion, winning on Turkey Run in Buckhannon, WV.  Novice 2 semi final in 2005.
Kevin O’ Connor North American Region Novice 2 Semi-Final in 2005 and 2006.
Paul Laverly 2008 All Ireland Novice 1 Semi-Final. North American Region Novice 1 Semi Final in 2005.
Eoin Riordan All-Ireland Novice 1 Champion 2005.
Jeff Mast is a member of the State Line Irish Road Bowlers (NY-VT) www.slirb.com and came to West Virginia without experience in national competition. On short notice, Jeff was able to fill an open slot for the New York team, and bowled extremely well, winning a 2009 North American Region semi-final against experienced players from WV and Boston. In the finals Jeff had terrific shots but could not overcome the long and true bowling of Brian O' Sullivan, Boston. We hope to see more of Jeff' 's fine bowling and welcome SLIRB into the IRB community.