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West Virginia Irish Road Bowling Association announces 2012 Singles League registration deadline May 7.

After a successful first season in 2011, the WVIRBA will expand singles league play to everyone, all skill levels, men and women, in 2012. 

Irish road bowling is healthy outdoor “roll and stroll” recreation played on West Virginia’s beautiful country roads. Scored like golf but more athletic, a 28 ounce iron and steel “bowl” is rolled over a one mile country road, fewest shots start to finish winning the “score.”  

At the 2011 Singles League Championship Finals in November at Stonewall Resort, Travis McClintic, a physical therapist from Lewisburg, WV, won the championship by only 15 yards on the last shot over Stephen Wallington, an engineer from Culloden, WV.  The 2012 schedule will be shorter than in 2011 but open to beginners, everyone - men and women.

Some weekend travel to matches will be involved, to West Virginia State Parks and other convenient locations. Travel schedule will be determined by numbers of players.

To register and for more info contact Kevin Smith 304 228 7928, kgsmoothone@yahoo.com or David Powell 202 387 1680, wdp320@aol.com.

Upcoming WVIRBA Events –

April 28, 29 Pipestem Resort State Park, Men’s and Women’s singles qualifier for WVIRBA State Championship Finals in Ireland, WV July 21, 22. Also team bowling. For info Kevin Smith 304 228 7928, kgsmoothone@yahoo.com.   

May 5 Kanawha State Forest, Charleston, WV. Team bowling. For info Stephen Wallington 304 638 3224, sfwallington@gmail.com. 

May 19, 20 Strawberry Festival, Turkey Run Road, Buckhannon, WV.  Men’s and Women’s singles qualifier for WVIRBA State Championship Finals in Ireland, WV July 21, 22. Also team bowling.  For info Mark Wilt 304 329 2065, wiltmark@yahoo.com, or David Powell 202 387 1680, wdp320@aol.com.


Stonewall Resort – November 6, 2011: 

Irish Road Bowling - Singles League Championship












West Virginia Irish Road Bowling Singles League

            (Updated 10/25/11)

Bowler               W  L   Bowls   Pct   GB








 Travis McClintic    15  2    166   0.882   -

Stephen Wallington  15  2    176   0.882   -

Clifton Colebank    11  6    199   0.647   4

Richard Meece        9  8    180   0.529   6

Travis Craig         9  8    175   0.529   6

Jerod Putnam         8  9    190   0.471   7

Ken McClintic        7 10    178   0.412   8

Mark Whitt           7 10    192   0.412   8

Tom Neville          5 12    220   0.294  10

David Powell         5 12    219   0.294  10

John Nelson          2 15    231   0.118  13

Kevin Smith          1 16    263   0.059  14











 Match Results 10/8, Holly River State Park

Mark Whitt Forfeit assigned score 37, Tom Neville Forfeit

assigned score 37;

John Nelson Forfeit assigned score 37, Kevin Smith Forfeit

assigned score 37


 Match Results 10/2, Buckwheat Festival, Kingwood, WV

Stephen Wallington 26, David Powell 29, Kevin Smith

(Aleacha Wallington Substitute) 36

Travis McClintic 27, Clifton Colebank 30, John Nelson 36

Match Results 10/1, Mountain State Forest Festival, Elkins, WV







 Richard Meece Won by Forfeit assigned score 21, Travis Craig Forfeit

assigned score 27, Mark Whitt Forfeit assigned score 27

Jerod Putnam 21, Tom Neville (Mikeil Neville Substitute) 26,

Ken McClintic Forfeit assigned score 32








Match Results 9/18, Ireland, WV

 Mark Whitt (Wayne Marrs Substitute) 20, Ken McClintic 21,

Jerod Putnam 22;

Richard Meece 18, John Nelson (Jack Jones Substitute) 20,

Travis Craig Forfeit assigned score 26

Match Results 9/10, Shepherdstown, WV 2:30PM

Travis McClintic 26, Clifton Colebank 31, Kevin Smith 44

Stephen Wallington 25, Martin Twohig (Guest Bowler) 27, 

Tom Neville 30, David Powell 33 

Match Results 8/27, Barbour County Fair

Richard Meece 27, Tom Neville 29, David Powell 30

Jerod Putnam 25, Clifton Colebank 26, Kevin Smith 34

Match Results 8/20, Doddridge County Fair









  Travis Craig 16 (Longest Past Finish), Stephen Wallington 16,

John Nelson 29

Travis McClintic 16, Ken McClintic (Wayne Marrs Substitute) 18,

Mark Whitt 21

Match Results 8/14, Ireland, WV









  Mark Whitt 17, Travis McClintic 18, David Powell 21

Jerod Putnam 18, Travis Craig 20, Kevin Smith 28

Match Results 7/23, Cacapon State Park









  Clifton Colebank Won by Forfeit assigned score 18,

Tom Neville Forfeit assigned scored 24, Richard Meece Forfeit

assigned score 24;

Stephen Wallington 18, Ken McClintic 19, John Nelson 21

Match Results 7/10, Ireland, WV









  Clifton Colebank 20 (Longest Past Finish), Travis Craig 20,

David Powell 21,

Ken McClintic 22; Travis McClintic 17, Stephen Wallington 20,

Jerod Putnam (Aleacha Wallington Substitute) 23,

Richard Meece 24

Match Results 6/19, Canaan Valley Resort State Park









  Travis Craig 20, Travis McClintic 21, Tom Neville 26

Ken McClintic 20, Richard Meece 22, Kevin Smith 27

Match Results 6/18, Blackwater Falls State Park








  David Powell (Mark Wilt Substitute) 35, John Nelson 36,

Jerod Putnam Forfeit assigned score 42;

Stephen Wallington 28, Mark Whitt 30, Clifton Colebank 32

Matches Results 6/05, (Ireland, WV)









 Stephen Wallington 18, Kevin Smith 25, Travis Craig Forfeit

assigned score 31;

Travis McClintic 18, Ken McClintic 20, John Nelson 26

Match Results 5/21, (Strawberry Festival, Buckhannon)









  Mark Whitt 20, Richard Meece 24, David Powell 25

Tom Neville 21, Clifton Colebank 22 (Longest Past Finish),

Jerod Putnam 22

Match Results 5/07, (Kanawha State Forest)









 Stephen Wallington 25, Ken McClintic 26, Tom Neville 27

Travis McClintic 23, David Powell 25, Kevin Smith 32

Match Results 5/01 (Ireland, WV)








  Travis Craig 15, Jerod Putnam 17, Mark Whitt 20

Clifton Colebank 20 (Longest Past Finish), Richard Meece 20,

John Nelson 26




























































































 Match Results 9/18, Ireland, WV











































































 Mark Whitt (Wayne Marrs Substitute) 20, Ken McClintic 21,





















            With the score tied, Travis McClintic from Lewisburg won an exciting match by just a few yards

on his last throw across the finish line, to become the first-ever West Virginia Irish Road Bowling Singles

League Champion, at Stonewall Resort.

            Jerod Putnam, one of the founders of WV Irish Road Bowling from Ireland, WV, opened the score

with a booming 200 yard plus throw, to take the early lead over McClintic, Clifton Colebank of Morgantown,

and Stephen Wallington of Culloden.

            All four bowlers stayed even for more than a quarter mile, then McClintic began to push ahead, while
Wallington cut tight into a curve, kicked up gravel flying, then came back into the road for his own very long
shot.  As Putnam dropped off a couple short spots passing the Lodge, and Colebank stayed near the leaders,
McClintic powered to the front.  Wallington fought back however, uphill to the finish line, as he played a
perfect curb shot around the uphill curve, followed by another long throw up the straightaway, to draw
close to McClintic near the finish line.  Wallington had about a 15 yard deficit, at 30 yards from the finish
to McClintic’s 15 yards from the finish. 
     The road past the finish was a steep uphill, then curving to the right.  Wallington threw first, it flew uphill
and had plenty of speed, but held slightly to the left, went through the curve and off the road, without
following the curve up to the right for longer distance.  McClintic was faced with a long 100+ yard uphill throw
for the win—his shot was more into the center, didfollow the curve right, passing Wallington’s mark for the
championship.  Both McClintic and Wallington covered the 1.1 mile road in 15 throws. 
            Many thanks to Kevin Smith of Glade Creek United for designing the Singles League with 12 separate
schedules , coordinating the WVIRBA’s first-ever Singles League competition, and keeping track of the
standings all year long.  Twelve of the most experienced  players in WV spent the Spring, Summer and Fall 
traveling all over West Virginia, with scores on all the state’s road bowling roads. 
Thanks to all the road bowlers who participated. 
 Team Bowling Competition
            With so many expert road bowlers on hand, team bowling was at a very high level, maybe the best of
2011, at Stonewall Resort.
4-Person Team Results
            18 shots-Holly River Gang: Stephen Wallington, Ken McClintic, Marsha Jordan, & Jerod Putnam.
            19 shots-Irish Pub on Washington Street: Travis McClintic, Stormy Gabritsch, Justin Knapp, & Elise McClintic.
            22 shots- Wing N It: Rylee Colebank, Clifton Colebank, Kimberly Colebank, & Nick Mick.
            23 shots- Irish Country: Ernie Daugherty, Bill Daugherty, Hank Daugherty & Kirk Daugherty.
            24 shots- Last Resorts: Amy Hall, Judy Mize, John Nelson, & Rich Meece
            25 shots- Teays Valley Express: Mark Rooper, Dan McKinney, Mark Wilt, & Eric Bee.
            30 shots- 3-D & 1-P: Mallory Daugherty, Hanna Daugherty, Liz Poling, & Amy Daugherty.
2-Person Team Ben and Taylor Putnam - lots&lotsa shots   
Ladies’ Long Shot
Ten hard-throwing ladies scorched the pavement, and when the smoke cleared, Elise McClintic, daughter
of Holly River State Park Superintendent Ken McClintic, was victorious. Aleacha Wallington had the next
longest throw for Runner Up.     
Winner:  Elise McClintic
Runner Up: Aleacha Wallington
Season End
Many thanks to Stonewall Resort www.stonewallresort.com 1 888 278 8150 for their support of the WVIRBA
and this “only in West Virginia” ancient Irish sport.  It was a beautiful autumn day to be out throwing
and walking with friends and family, and Stonewall Jackson Lake and valley made an ideal setting for
our final 2011 event. For more information, see www.wvirishroadbowling.com
For the final single’s league standings, see www.wvirishroadbowling.com. 






















BEAVER, WV April 9, 2011

organized by -

Kevin Smith                                                                           David Powell

566 Sullivan Road

Beaver, WV 25813

Phone: (304) 228-7928, kgsmoothone@yahoo.com                   Phone: (202) 387-1680, wdp320@aol.com

--- The West Virginia Irish Road Bowling Association announces the first-ever West Virginia Irish Road Bowling Singles League. This will be a pilot program for 2011, and can be expanded in future years. www.wvirishroadbowling.com. www.wvirishroadbowling.com.

The 2011 singles league will consist of twelve experienced bowlers competing head to head in three-hand and four-hand scores (matches). Thirty-one matches will occur from May 1st 2011 until October 8th 2011 with each bowler competing in eight matches. Most of the singles matches will take place following the WVIRBA's regularly scheduled team events. Singles matches will take place in Ireland, WV, Buckhannon, Blackwater Falls State Park, Canaan Valley Resort State Park, Cacapon Resort State Park, Smithburg (near West Union), Philippi, Shepherdstown, Elkins, Kingwood, Holly River State Park, and Stonewall Jackson Resort State Park. At the end of the season, a seeded singles tournament will take place with all twelve bowlers competing. The championship match will be at the WVIRBA's final event at Stonewall Jackson Resort on November 6th 2011.

For more information about the WVIRBA and the team events schedule go to www.wvirishroadbowling.com

The road bowlers are:

1. Clifton Colebank, Morgantown, WV; 2010 WV Novice 4 Semi-finalist; Team: Wing-N-It.

2. Travis Craig, Ireland, WV; 2008 All Ireland Finals Runner-up, Aughagower, Ireland; 2008 North American Novice 2 Champion; 2009 North American Novice 1 Champion; 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007 West Virginia State Champion; USA representative, 2010 World Championship of Bowl Playing, Dinkelland, Holland; one of the founders of WV Irish road bowling; Team: Ireland Road Bowlers, Ireland, WV.

3. Ken McClintic, Hacker Valley, WV; 2008 & 2009 West Virginia Novice 2 Champion, 2009 & 2010 North American Semi-Finalist; Team: Holly River State Park.

4. Travis McClintic, Lewisburg, WV; 2009 North American Junior C Runner-up; USA representative, World Championship of Bowl Playing, Dinkelland, Holland; Team: Holly River State Park.

5. Richard Meece, Shady Spring, WV; 2010 West Virginia Novice 3 Champion; Team: Glade Creek United; Team: Pipestem Resort.

6. John Nelson, Lake Floyd, WV; West Virginia’s # 1 “Vintage” road bowler; Team: The Nelsons.

7. Tom Neville, Shepherdstown, WV; representative 2010 North American; Team: Wholly Rollers, Cacapon Resort, Shepherdstown Trough Road.

8. David Powell, Salem, WV (also Washington, DC); 2010 WV Novice 3 Runner Up; one of the founders of Irish road bowling in West Virginia; Team: Salem Shooters (undefeated) and Ireland Road Bowlers, Ireland, WV.

9. Jerod Putnam, Ireland, WV; 2002 & 2006 West Virginia State Champion; 2004 - 2010 North American Region Semi-finalist; one of the founders of WV Irish road bowling; Team: Ireland Road Bowlers, Ireland, WV.

10. Kevin Smith, Beaver, WV; 2010 Novice 4 Semi-Finalist; designer of 2011 Singles League; Team:Glade Creek United, Pipestem Resort.

11. Stephen Wallington, Culloden, WV; 2010 WV Novice 4 Champion; Team: Holly River State Park.

12. Mark Whitt, Shady Spring, WV; 2008 & 2009 West Virginia Novice 2 Runner-up; 2008, 2009, 2010 North American Region Semi-finalist; Team: Glade Creek United, Pipestem Resort.


For more information about the Singles League contact Kevin Smith at (304) 228-7928,kgsmoothone@yahoo.com.,


For more information about WVIRBA Team Tournaments or Irish Road Bowling contact David Powell (202) 387-1680, wdp320@aol.com.


Jerod Putnam, Ireland, WV                                                                                                                      Ken McClintic, Holly River State Park                                                                          Tom Neville, Shepherdstown

Mark Whitt, Glade Creek United                                                                                 Travis Craig, Ireland Road Bowlers                                             Travis McClintic, Holly River State Park (in Dinkelland, Holland)