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Results of North American Region Finals

 Ireland, West Virginia   August 7, 8 & 9, 2009


2.2 mile course, Wildcat Road to Duffy Bridge

Junior C, Novice 1 & Novice 2 Grades


Winners go to Bol~Chumann na hEirenn All Ireland Finals, Drogheda, September 11, 12, 13  in Ireland (the Country)


 August 8 & 9, Ireland, West Virginia

Novice 2 - Brian O'Sullivan of Boston bowled long and straight both days to take the Novice 2 trophy.

All trophies for Novice 2, Novice 1 and Junior C were West Virginia hand-blown glass, made by nationally known artisan Ron Hinkle from nearby Buckhannon.


For More Information, Please contact David Powell 202 387 1680. Also Judy Mize 202 402-4167

  § Hosted by West Virginia Irish Road Bowling Association


Novice 1 - On 1.2 mile Wildcat Road in Ireland, WV, in the greatest weekend ever for West Virginia Irish Road Bowling, local road bowler Travis Craig upset two-time All Ireland Champion Con O' Callaghan on his final shot, to capture the North American Region Novice 1 Championship, with both bowlers scoring the same number of shots, but Craig's final bowl traveling farther across the finish line. Con O'Callaghan is the man who brought the correct highly competitive style and techniques to West Virginia from Boston eight years ago, tirelessly and generously teaching Travis, Jerod Putnam also from Ireland, and many other young bowlers across West Virginia how to compete at higher levels. It was truly a case of student defeating teacher. As a teacher, coach and friend, Con has been invaluable in advancing this sport in West Virginia. In the Saturday semi-finals O' Callaghan had bowled brilliantly, setting a new course record of 15 shots, including one shot which went up the front of the steep hill for about 75 yards, over the top, and down the other side, totaling more than 250 yards. On Sunday, O'Callaghan was not as sharp in the 90 + degree heat and Travis was able to improve his throwing enough to fight to within ten yards before his final, winning shot.

By winning the North American Novice 1 championship, Craig now will advance to the Bol~Chumann na hEireann All Ireland finals, in Drogheda, Ireland, September 12 and 13. A large contingent of West Virginians is expected to accompany Travis to cheer him on.

Junior C - Also on Sunday, Travis McClintic from Morgantown, former WVU wide receiver and rodeo bull-rider, was runner-up in the Junior C finals to Fergal Carr from the New York city club. In the three-player match, McClintic was able to defeat former All Ireland Junior C Champion Roger O' Riordan from Boston for the Runner- Up trophy. McClintic was even with Roger and fighting to catch up to Fergal, when McClintic threw a huge 200-yard bowl around a sharp curve near the finish line to draw him close to Carr. But Carr followed with another long shot to close out the match.


2009 North American Region Winners - Brian O'Sullivan, Novice 2, Boston; Fergal Carr, Junior C, New York- (Fergal went on to win the All Ireland Championship); Travis Craig, Novice 1, West Virginia.