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For information about the ancient game of Irish road bowling in North America (Boston, New York, West Virginia, and across the USA), in the Country of ireland, and in Holland, Germany and Europe  

The West Virginia Irish Road Bowling Association

The Wild and Wonderful West Virginia Irish Road Bowling Association (WVIRBA) originated in the tiny village of Ireland, West Virginia. The WVIRBA mission is to provide you with the same great fun those in Ireland experience when participating in this sport.

Ready to start bowling?

Healthy, outdoor family-fun exercise is happening on country roads all over West Virginia, thanks to the 501(c)3 nonprofit all-volunteer West Virginia Irish Road Bowling Association. The WVIRBA sponsors 25 scores (matches) open to the public at 22 events from March to November, in all regions of West Virginia.

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About Irish Road Bowling

Irish Road Bowling is primarily played in County Armagh in Northern Ireland and in County Cork in Southern Ireland. It consists of a ball made of iron and steel that is heavy enough to pick up speed, yet small enough for any person to handle. Besides the basic rules and terms, all you do is hurl this 28 oz. sized "bowl" with an underhand motion over a 1 to 2 mile country road and see how far it goes! Scored like golf, the fewest number of shots from the start to the finish line wins. Right now, you can find three (3) organized leagues in the United States, Boston, New York and West Virginia, but this sport is gaining rapid popularity throughout the country.

An Addicting Game

Irish Road Bowling is similar to fast pitch softball, except with a running start. It's also like bowling if you had enough room to run 10 or 15 yards. Irish Road Bowling is ideal for young athletes or seniors who are looking to enjoy a scenic walk on a country road, combined with an ancient and exciting, but not overly strenuous, sport!  While it's very easy to learn, it is very difficult to master. 

The West Virginia Irish Road bowling Association

To Preserve and Protect the Ancient Irish Sport of Road Bowling, Also Called Irish Long Bullets, in the State of West Virginia.

To Follow the Highest Standards of Sportsmanship in All of Our Activities.

To Teach Irish Road Bowling to Men, Women, and Children as a Sport Providing Health and Physical Fitness.

To Celebrate Nature and the Scenic Beauty of the Country Roads of Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.

To Honor the Special Place of Ireland, West Virginia and Its Irish Spring Festival as the Birthplace of Irish Road Bowling in West Virginia.

To Represent West Virginia in National and International Irish Bowling Competitions.

Irish Road Bowling Association

Irish Road Bowling


An iron and steel small cannonball, called a “bowl” is hurled down a 1 to 2 mile country lane, fewest throws to the finish line wins, similar to golf. Throws can roll 250 or even 300 yards.

Excitement builds as two evenly skilled players match each other shot for shot for more than a mile. Often these memorable matches, called “scores,” are decided by only a few feet or inches distance past the finish line, both players with the same number of throws.

The twists and turns of a narrow country lane as well as the tilt of the road surface (the “pitch and camber”) provide a rich playing field for strategy and can spark spirited debate among the thrower, his coach (the “road shower”) and full-throated spectators.

Before football, soccer, and basketball, before baseball and golf, was...

 The Old Game, Irish Road Bowling.

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